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Annual Services

This service will consist of one visit a year in which Gentrak will replace the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, complete a full inspection of both the generator and transfer switch, and a complete system functionality test. The air filter will be inspected. If the air filter needs replacement, the customer will be notified and a quote may be provided. The radiator is pressure tested and coolant level is inspected for correct level. Engine preheater is inspected for operation and correct heat output. All safety circuit alarms are tested for proper operation. Safety circuit alarms ‘High Engine Temp,’ ‘Low Oil Pressure,’ ‘Overcrank,’ and ‘Overspeed' are tested when possible. All pre-alarms are tested. Any defective parts and/or conditions that would prevent the generator from operating correctly will be listed on the technician’s Preventative Maintenance Report and the customer will be notified at time the problems are found.

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